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The members of the Irish Breakfast Cereal Association (IBCA) comply with all European and National labelling requirements. The IBCA support the provision of clear and relevant information on packs.

To empower consumers to make healthy and informed food choices the IBCA support the concept of Guideline Daily Amount labelling (GDA) as a means of providing clear nutrition information.

Guideline Daily Amounts indicate the amount of calories and certain key nutrients, which adults should aim to consume every day. They are based on population average figures for people with a healthy weight and an average level of activity. Together with nutrition labeling, GDA’s can help the consumer to decide how a food product fits into his overall diet by comparing the number of i.e. calories in a particular serving of food with the indicated GDA.

There is clear agreement across industry that GDAs are the best way to provide consumers with useful information about their food. This consensus enables companies to develop consistent, complementary approaches to providing on-pack information. GDAs are soundly based on clear scientific principles and have been in use in a number of forms for many years.

It is the position of the IBCA that GDA’s help consumers assess the amount of calories, sugars, fat, saturates and salt contained in a portion of food against average daily requirements as recommended by nutritionists.
All IBCA members already voluntarily include comprehensive nutrition information on labels. The work being carried out in Ireland is reflective of a pan-European industry movement to provide GDA information on labels.

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