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The Irish Breakfast Cereal Association recognizes sugar as an important ingredient in breakfast cereal manufacture and an important nutrient providing energy in the diet. It is important to eat a healthy varied diet so that a balance of nutrients is consumed to suit an individual’s needs. Sugar is added to some cereals during the manufacture process and often by the consumer to meet personal taste preferences. Sugar provides pleasurable sweetness and is not an unhealthy component of the diet.

Breakfast cereals contain sugar – some of which comes naturally from the grain and fruit ingredients and some of which is added for texture and taste reasons during processing. In fact when eaten as suggested with milk, even the sweetest cereal provides only 11% sugar in the bowl, which is less than two teaspoons of sugar per serving and less than that provided by other breakfast choices such as two slices of toast and jam, low fat sweetened yogurt or pancakes and syrup.

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